About Us

The mission of the Office of Research Integrity (ORI) is to foster a culture of integrity within the entire USC research community.  The office works at university, school, and department levels to educate faculty, staff, trainees and students about responsible conduct in research and laboratory practices. ORI performs these services:

  • Offers consultation services regarding many aspects of laboratory management and research practices
  • Is available for best practice educational seminars, lectures and workshops tailored to discipline, school, department or laboratory
  • Receives and investigates allegations of research misconduct
  • Responds to all questions regarding research integrity
  • Develops university-wide policies for the conduct of research

News and Updates

  • Driving Responsible Conduct of Research During a Pandemic
    The Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research will host Driving Responsible Conduct of Research During a Pandemic, a virtual conference highlighting the challenges and lessons learned in conducting high quality, ethical clinical and translational research during a pandemic. The program will focus on the knowledge gained during the past year, but also compare the coronavirus disease 2019…
  • Policy on Research and Scholarly Misconduct
    This fall USC unveiled a new Policy on Research and Scholarly Misconduct. This policy describes the process for making an allegation of research misconduct and the investigation process.
  • IRB and ORI Office Hours
    Are you new to writing a protocol for IRB review?  Are you an experienced human subject researcher, but would like to speed up your approval time? The Office for the Protection of Research Subjects and the Office of Research Integrity now offer office hours to help you develop your protocol and answer any questions you…
  • Research Personnel Protection
    New this fall is a policy on Research Personnel Protection. This policy defines the responsibilities of faculty, staff, students, and visitors toward making USC a safe place to perform work, study, and conduct research.